Terms You Might See On A Cornmeal Bag

Shopping for cornmeal sounds like it should be a simple process. And indeed, if you shop at a small grocery store, you will probably only encounter one type of cornmeal on the shelf. But, if you visit a health food store or a larger grocery store that offers more products, there's a good chance you'll find a major part of an aisle dedicated to cornmeal. Choosing between the various cornmeal products will be easier if you have a good understanding of the terminology that's typically used on the packaging.

Why Stock up on Artisan Gelato by the Pint?

Gelato is an Italian frozen treat that is similar to ice cream. Kids and adults love gelato, thanks to its sweet, creamy taste. You can order scoops of gelato at your favorite Italian treat shop, but now you can also bring gelato home with you by purchasing pint-sized containers of artisan gelato at your local grocery store. Here are four reasons to stock up on artisan gelato: 1. Satisfy your sweet tooth.

What Can You Do With Extra Honey Roasted Pecans?

When you order wholesale honey roasted pecans in a large quantity, it is easy to find yourself with a lot of extras. Of course you can eat them as a snack, but there are also lots of other creative ways to use them up. Here are a few ideas to get you started. Use them as a salad topping If you've never tried honey roasted pecans as a salad topping, now is the time to do it.