5 Amazing Desserts For Coffee Lovers

If you're a coffee lover, then you will definitely love the following desserts. They all incorporate coffee to one degree or another. Mocha Mousse  This is an amazing dessert that combines the flavor of chocolate and coffee into a rich, smooth mousse. A mousse is made by combining eggs, milk, chocolate, and in this case, coffee. Sometimes the chef will use powered coffee, while other times they might use a fresh brewed, black coffee.

5 Unique And Thoughtful Gifts For New Parents

As any parent knows, a new baby brings a lot of joy and very little time to do much besides attempting to keep the new baby happy and healthy. New parents are exhausted and can use more help than they often get. Though you can easily purchase them a gift from a gift registry, the following unique and thoughtful gifts will be especially appreciated. 1. Catered Meals for New Parents Sure, you may have hired a caterer for your wedding or large party, but have you ever thought of hiring a caterer to send meals to new parents?