5 Unique And Thoughtful Gifts For New Parents

As any parent knows, a new baby brings a lot of joy and very little time to do much besides attempting to keep the new baby happy and healthy. New parents are exhausted and can use more help than they often get. Though you can easily purchase them a gift from a gift registry, the following unique and thoughtful gifts will be especially appreciated.

1. Catered Meals for New Parents

Sure, you may have hired a caterer for your wedding or large party, but have you ever thought of hiring a caterer to send meals to new parents? Many local caterers will make single meals, a week of meals, or more. Provide the new parents with a meal that requires little or no preparation and be sure to talk to the new mother about her food preferences before you send the gift of food. Check with a caterer such as Hegedorn's to see what services they provide.

2. Cleaning Service

A monthly cleaning service to help with regular cleaning or laundry will be a special gift that gives the new parents more time for cuddles with the new baby and older siblings.

3. Milestone Photo Service

New parents may snap a photo on their phone now and then, but many won't have the time or money to book a professional photographer to capture their baby's milestones. Help parents remember amazing milestones, such as smiling, sitting up unassisted, and standing. The gift of a professional photographer can be expensive, but would be a great group gift.

As an alternative, if you're an amateur photographer, you can go to the new parents' home and take the milestone photos yourself.

4. Diapers

Diapers are expensive and no one enjoys driving to the drug store for a package of diapers in the middle of the night. If the parents are using a cloth diaper service, you can gift a few months of service, which will save the new parents time and money. Even if the new parents aren't using cloth diapers, you can gift disposable diaper delivery from several major retailers.

5. Date Night

The new parents will be exhausted and have little time alone. You can offer to watch the new baby for an evening and send the new parents out for dinner and a movie. Or, put together a DIY Home Date Night that includes a delivered meal and a couple of newly released movies.

Whatever gift you decide to give, just remember that the new parents will appreciate the thought and any help you can offer.