Why Stock up on Artisan Gelato by the Pint?

Gelato is an Italian frozen treat that is similar to ice cream. Kids and adults love gelato, thanks to its sweet, creamy taste. You can order scoops of gelato at your favorite Italian treat shop, but now you can also bring gelato home with you by purchasing pint-sized containers of artisan gelato at your local grocery store. Here are four reasons to stock up on artisan gelato:

1. Satisfy your sweet tooth.

Some people have a sweet tooth, which means they crave desserts. Satisfying your sweet tooth with occasional indulgences can be the key to making smart food choices at other times. You can fulfill your desire for dessert with a pint of rich, artisan gelato. Classic flavors like vanilla bean gelato and more daring flavors like pistachio are sure to satisfy. 

2. Choose a low-fat treat.

Gelato is a smart choice for people who are trying to limit their overall fat intake. Gelato contains roughly half the fat of American ice cream, which can make it a healthier choice for dieters. You won't even notice the lower fat content while enjoying your treat since much of gelato's creaminess comes from the churning process used to create it. 

3. Get everyone in your family their own pint of gelato.

Pint-size containers are ideal for individual servings. When you purchase artisan gelato by the pint, everyone in your family can have their own container of ice cream, so you won't have to compromise on flavor. Each member of your family can have the flavor of gelato that they like best for an optimal dessert experience. Best of all, everyone can eat their gelato at their own pace, without having to worry about sharing. 

4. Enjoy several delicious flavors. 

Artisan gelato comes in many different flavors. When you choose this treat, you can find fruit flavors, such as mango or strawberry. You can also indulge in coffee, chocolate, and mint-flavored gelato. Artisan gelato makers often experiment with new and original ingredients, so you'll always be able to find a new flavor to sample. Add-ins like chocolate chips, chopped nuts, and peanut butter ribbons can make a great pint of gelato even more interesting.

Artisan gelato is an excellent alternative to ice cream. You can enjoy artisan gelato on its own or serve it with coffee and pastries. This low-fat, Italian dessert can be right at home in your freezer when you buy it by the pint. To learn more about gelato, contact companies like Palazzolo's Artisan Dairy.