Tips For Using Wholesale Empanadas At A Special Events

If you're planning a large special event of any kind and are looking for something creative to feed your guests, consider serving empanadas. Purchasing empanadas via a wholesale supplier is convenient and may even save you money since you're buying them in bulk.

Empanadas are sure to please most of your event attendees, as they are available in a wide range of flavors, both sweet and savory. It's also easy to customize them to reflect a variety of dietary preferences and restrictions, such as meet-free options for the vegans and vegetarians in the crowd.

Featuring golden, flaky, pie-like exteriors and interiors filled with a variety of ingredients, such as cheese, vegetables, and meat, empanadas are the ideal party food. Guests can easily eat these hand-held treats as they mix and mingle either indoors or outside. Empanadas are also versatile, as they make hearty appetizers and snacks, and fill lunch and dinner entrees.

Purchase the empanadas from a wholesale supplier and serve them at birthday celebrations, family reunions, holiday parties, graduation and anniversary soirees, and wedding receptions, just to name a few special occasions. The following are a few tips for serving empanadas at your next event.

Make Empanadas the Star of the Show 

If you want to serve warm empanadas as the main course, complement them with a few different side dish options to create a well-rounded meal. For instance, serve empanadas filled with traditional spiced ground beef with Spanish rice and black beans. Accompany spinach and cheese-filled empanadas with other types of vegetables, including fresh garden salads and corn on the cob. 

Empanadas and hot bowls of soup also go hand-in-hand, so give guests the opportunity to make their own perfect combination. Empanada filling ideas include yellow rice and black beans, shredded chicken and cheese, shredded pork, ham and cheese, and shrimp or crab.

Accompany the empanadas with a selection of homemade soups, such as French onion, clam chowder, vegetable, minestrone, and creamy corn chowder. Depending on the size of your group and event budget, either make the soup yourself or have it catered. 

Serve Empanadas for Dessert 

At the end of the event, surprise guests with an unexpected sweet treat - dessert empanadas. Some irresistible filling combinations include blueberry, apple cinnamon, cream cheese and cherry, banana and chocolate, and pumpkin.

Serve the dessert empanadas topped with chocolate or caramel sauce, powdered sugar, or even ice cream, depending on the type. Attendees can also take some home as party favors at the end of the event. 

For more ideas, reach out to a local wholesale empanada supplier.