Make Preparations Before A Hurricane Heads To Your Hometown

Weathering a hurricane may be perceived as an experience that will keep you on your toes and result in you appreciating the necessities that are needed to survive. If you live in an area where hurricanes are possible, you should prepare an emergency kit that will maintain your and your children's comfort and health if faced with adverse weather conditions that affect your capability of acquiring fresh water, food, and electricity.

Purchase And Fill Emergency Water Containers

Purchase several emergency water containers that are designed to hold several gallons of water each. You can find them from suppliers like WaterBrick International. Some emergency containers are stackable and have non-slip surfaces. If your water supply is compromised during a storm, lay one or more containers along the edge of a tabletop. Aim each container's spout toward the floor.

When water is going to be dispensed into a cup or food preparation container, simply align either item under the spout. Depress the button on top of the spout to release the water from each container.

Before a storm approaches, keep up with the current weather conditions so that you can fill all of the containers with fresh water without needing to rush around right before a hurricane is due to make landfall.

Store plenty of water so that you and your children will remain hydrated when your standard water supply will not be usable for several days. If you are concerned about the quality of the water in the containers, pour a few drops of chlorine bleach or a water preserver into each container.

Buy Freeze Dried Meals

Freeze dried meals are often used to create emergency kits. These type of meals can be prepared solely by adding water to the contents in each pouch and stirring the components. Even if you do not have a viable way to heat freeze dried meals, the meals will possess a satisfying taste and texture.

When shopping around for a freeze dried meal kit, view the list of dishes so that you can select a kit that contains a several foods that you and your children prefer. Set the freeze dried meals inside of an airtight container. Place disposable dinnerware and utensils nearby. Throughout a storm, designate the water in one of the emergency containers as the water that will be used to prepare each meal.

Set Aside An Overnight Bag And Linens

Even though weather forecasters and government officials often tell people to remain put during a hurricane, there are times when staying at home could be risky.

If your home is located in a low-lying area that sometimes floods, or if damage occurs to your home that make your residence uninhabitable, you should have an overnight bag and linens packed inside of your vehicle. Also, pack a couple water containers and some food. Follow the evacuation instructions that are broadcast during a potentially dangerous storm.